Video Script Copywriting - Your Brand Deserves to be Heard

Video Script Copywriting

I create video script copywriting to indulge, inspire and incite your audience into action. 

Do you want your customers to linger a little longer?

Igniting interest is the name of my game. 

Your brand deserves to be heard. 

Video Script Writing

90% of information sent to the brain is visual. 

Almost every video needs copywriting. Either as engaging copy or punchy bites of text. Who knew an SEO copywriter has a job in video production?

Video recordings help to captivate your readers. Visitors continue to navigate your site an extra 2 minutes post viewing a video.

Get your message across in a way that is both clear and memorable. I’m here to make every word count. 

Working with videographers is the best part. Together we try and test the best script to suit your brand.  

As for the result of video script copywriting? You inspire your clients to find out more. I write to get your message heard.

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