What is a Copywriter? An Expert Explains a Copywriter's Job

What Is A Copywriter?

Are you also often asked what is a copywriter? In short, a copywriter crafts clever combinations of words to advertise or market a service, product or event. Initial goals are to engage with your brand’s target audience. Yet getting your client’s attention is not enough. Maintaining a consumer’s interest is the tricky part.

With your target in sight, you need to fire with both barrels. Now is the time to incite action. Whether it’s to persuade a purchase, book a ticket or summon a service – top copywriting will result in your business earning more money. 

What Is a content Writer?

Top content writers inform, instruct, educate and entertain. What a copywriter and online content writer both promote is your brand for the world to see. In addition, both writers have the skills to increase audience awareness. Therefore, writers need to be internet intelligent. To boost rankings, online writing requires expert knowledge on modern English in combination with current SEO tricks. But that’s a whole other blog post matter. The main aim of each writers’ game is to persuade your customer to take action.

Copywriting Jobs

Although I’ve written copy selling a wide range of products – from Botox to eco-friendly heating – a copywriter doesn’t always flog items. Many projects don’t involve e-commerce – the hard sell of ‘stuff’, occasions or services. Think more along the lines of thought such as attitudes, beliefs and people. Helping a hopeful employee adapt a CV to sell themselves for a job is one example.

Current demand for copywriters is at an all time high. COVID is to thank for the creation of many a start-up business. Sole-traders need help creating online copywriting for new business websites. Whilst big organisations may plan to update their websites. Although, budget may dictate a simple email newsletter campaign or expert blog writer

How to choose the right copywriter

First, raise red flags if your copywriter fails to take a full brief. A good copywriter needs to get your business in order to get you business. Also to set out concise terms and conditions up front. Deadlines, prices for all to see and a step-by-step process further suggest a professional copywriter. Check out their website for a taste of their writing style. Ask for reviews if lack of proof online. Finally, check if you feel a spark during initial contact. Will the copywriter deliver what you need?

A top copywriter will have the knowledge to:

+ Adapt a tone of voice to suit your audience.

+ Hit your target audience with full force.

+ Tempt relevant traffic from the search engines to increase visitors.

+ Increase your chances of converting website visitors into new customers.

Who is the best UK copywriter?

The best copywriter will not boast to be the greatest. Nor the funniest. Or of Ogilvy brilliance. But to have the crushing tenacity of a tick and be a perfectionist is a good start.